Test Results

Online Access to Results


Results of any blood tests, urine tests, X-Rays or Ultrasound tests arranged by your GP or nurse, will be available to view online one week after the tests were done. Occasionally, it will take longer, depending on the kind of test. Your GP will advise you if so.  

Urgent Test Results

The GP or practice nurse will call you directly for any significantly abnormal results that need urgent action. It is therefore very important that we have your up to date contact details. Please contact reception if your mobile number has changed.

Interpreting Your Results

When you look at your results online, you will see your doctor has checked the results and marked them with a comment. The comments include:




Your results are in line with expectations



Stable/No change. No action required

This means the result is stable for your known medical condition or similar to previous readings of that test, and thus no further action is needed. Continue to follow lifestyle or dietary advice and your usual medication regime and monitoring regime.


No action – reviewed by clinician

Some elements of a result may be flagged with an exclamation mark next to them but this is not considered to be medically significant in the context of your symptoms or medical history. The exclamation mark simply reflects that 5% of the normal population will have results that fall outside of reference ranges for blood tests. 


Please collect script from reception

As a result of your test, the doctor has prescribed a new medication for you to collect.


PN sent to reception to book telephone call

The GP has sent a practice note (PN) to the receptionist, to contact you and book a routine telephone call with you to discuss the results



Make appointment with doctor or nurse

Please contact reception to book a routine appointment



Speak to doctor or nurse 

Self-explanatory. Please contact reception to book a routine telephone appointment

Free Text Comments

On occasion, the doctor will have put a unique free text comment about the result, which should be self- explanatory.  If you are unsure about any test results, and wish to discuss them, please contact reception to book a routine telephone appointment 

Calling for Results

Please note there are certain tests (such as echocardiograms or 24 hour blood pressure monitoring) that are not available online. Please contact reception two weeks after these tests to see if the results are available. For any tests arranged by hospital specialists, they should be communicating the results directly back to you. Please contact the relevant hospital Consultant’s secretary as required.

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Learning More About Your Tests

Patient.info is a great resource which explains what particular tests are checking for and what the next steps for your care is likely to be. To find out more about your tests, please click the links below:

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