Before you decide to go privately


Check your policy to find out:

  • If there is an excess

  • What your cover includes, e.g. consultation fees, investigations

  • If there is an annual limit to your cover

  • If your policy requires you to visit specific hospitals or consultants

  • If there are any conditions your policy does not cover

  • If there are any time limits to your cover

  • How your premium will be affected when you renew your policy. Insurers may exclude cover for certain conditions in future.



Your GP may suggest you undertake tests on the NHS before you see a consultant privately. Your private consultant can use these results to plan your care the first time you meet them, speeding up the process.


In some cases you can see a consultant on the NHS as quickly as a private doctor. Your GP may advise you that it is more appropriate for you to be seen on the NHS for particular conditions.

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Hospitals and Consultants


Our GPs refer patients to the following local private hospitals and clinics, amongst others:


  • Spire Bushey Hospital

  • Clementine Churchill Hospital

  • Centennial Medical Centre

  • The Garden Hospital

  • The Wellington Hospital


This is not an exhaustive list. The practice has no connections to these providers or the doctors who work there. Please tell your GP if you wish to be seen at a particular hospital.


Researching Consultants


It is in your interests to thoroughly research the hospital and consultant you wish to be seen by. Your insurer’s website may hold a directory of recommended doctors you can use. You can also look up a national list of private consultants on for a fee.


Our doctors have no connections to private health care providers. All referrals are made on an impartial basis and are not to be considered as an endorsement of any particular provider.

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The Private Referral Process


  1. A decision is made with your GP that a private referral is appropriate. The GP will recommend which kind of specialist you need to be seen by. A private referral letter will be written within 2 working days of your appointment, for you to collect.

  2. Contact your insurer and state your GP has agreed for you to be seen privately. They may give you an authorisation code.

  3. Some insurers may require further information from your GP. Hand any forms into reception. It takes between 2-5 working days for a doctor to complete this. There will be a charge for this service [LINK], which you may be able to claim back from your insurer.

  4. Contact the relevant consultant and make an appointment. Remember to bring the GP referral letter to the appointment.


Private Clinic Letters, Results and Prescriptions


We will receive a letter from your consultant after your appointment. Sometimes it can take a few weeks for us to receive it. The doctor who ordered your tests will receive the results. If you haven’t heard, please contact your consultant directly.


To find out more about private prescriptions, please click here.


Follow Up Appointments


Your insurer may not cover you for follow up appointments. If your consultant requests that your GP refer you to them through the NHS, there may be a long waiting list before you are seen. Local and national guidelines mean that certain conditions are seen in particular clinics. Your referral may be redirected to a more appropriate hospital or doctor.