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General Practice Transparency Notice for Pandemic Planning and Research (COVID-19)

Updated: Mar 22

Watling Medical Centre is supporting vital coronavirus (COVID-19) planning and research by sharing your data with NHS Digital. All GP practices in England are legally required to share data with NHS Digital for this purpose under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 (2012 Act). Legal notice for data sharing for this purpose has been issued by the Secretary of State. More information about this requirement is contained in the data provision notice issued by NHS Digital to GP practices.

The health and social care system is facing significant pressures due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Health and care information is essential to deliver care to individuals, to support health, social care and other public services and to protect public health. Information will also be vital in researching, monitoring, tracking and managing the coronavirus outbreak. In the current emergency it has become even more important to share health and care information across relevant organisations.

For more details and a copy of full General Practice Transparency notice please click here (this is the link https://digital.nhs.uk/coronavirus/gpes-data-for-pandemic-planning-and-research/general-practice-transparency-notice?_cldee=YW51cC5wYXRlbEBuaHMubmV0&recipientid=lead-b00dc267bc8eea11a812000d3a86b23d-a78c6b91a3a64073a3aa36f5788e1817&esid=749e6d8a-cc8e-ea11-a811-002248007f84 )

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