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Flu Vaccination

Eligibility criteria for flu vaccination.

  • 50 years +

  • 2 & 3 years olds

  • Under 50 year old with

  • Health and social care workers

  • Carers

  • Pregnant women

  • In one of these clinical risk groups

  • Neurologic and neurodevelopment conditions

  • Asthma

  • Blood disorders (such as sickle cell disease)

  • Chronic lung disease (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD] and cystic fibrosis)

  • Endocrine disorders (such as diabetes mellitus)

  • Heart disease (such as congenital heart disease, congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease)

  • Kidney diseases

  • Liver disorders

  • Metabolic disorders (such as inherited metabolic disorders and mitochondrial disorders)

  • People who are obese with a body mass index [BMI] of 40 or higher

  • People younger than 19 years old on long-term aspirin- or salicylate-containing medications.

  • People with a weakened immune system due to disease (such as people with HIV or AIDS, or some cancers such as leukemia) or medications (such as those receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer, or persons with chronic conditions requiring chronic corticosteroids or other drugs that suppress the immune system)

  • People who have had a stroke

Please book via your Patient Access or call the surgery to book your vaccine

Flu clinic dates:

Saturday, 30th October 2021 at Burnt Oak site

Sunday, 31st October 2021 at Stanmore site

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