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Diabetes Clinics at the Watling Medical Centre

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To improve the care we provide to our patients with Type 2 Diabetes, we now have a diabetic team who will be managing your diabetes related care. This team comprises of our Diabetes Specialist Nurse Paula , Dr Khanbhai , Dr Shivani Shah and Dr Santhouse but in times may include other members of staff.

This is to replace our current system where you would have consulted any doctor in the practice to discuss your Diabetes. The reason for the change is because the management of diabetes is becoming increasingly more specialised, and this team will be able to keep up to date with advancing treatments and provide you with the best care.

These clinics are for all our patients with Type 2 diabetes as all patients with Type 1 Diabetes will normally be under the care of hospital clinics.

There will be some patients with Type 2 diabetes who are under both our care as well as a hospital team

How will it work?

Your annual check:

All patients will have an annual full diabetic check in your Birthday month.

(This process may take some time to establish and some of you may have an earlier or later annual check this year depending on when you had your last annual check.

This will involve initially seeing one of our nursing team to have your general check done which includes your blood pressure, foot check and bloods to be taken.

You will then be given an appointment within 2 weeks with our nurse Paula or one of the diabetic doctors (Dr Khanbhai, Dr Santhouse or Dr Shivani Shah) to discuss your results and optimise your management.

This can be by phone or face to face depending on what you prefer

6 monthly checks

Every patient will also have repeat blood tests and Blood pressure review every 6 months.

For this you will be given your blood test form to arrange your blood tests followed by a telephone follow up (face to face if needed) by one of the diabetic clinicians. Your up-to-date blood pressure will be discussed as well at the time.

(If you can, it will be useful for you to purchase a blood pressure machine to check your blood pressure at home prior to this consultation as home blood pressure reading are now found to be more reliable than measurement in a surgery setting)

Further checks

If you do need blood tests or blood pressure reviewed in between these 2 checks, this will be arranged as needed.

We also have access to a dietitian at the practice we can refer you to if needed .

To help with the smooth running of these clinics only diabetic related issues will be discussed in these clinics.

By providing these dedicated diabetic clinics we really hope to improve and provide high quality Diabetes care to our patients.

There will be teething problems initially as this is a complex project to get going so please bear with us.

Thank you

Watling Medical Centre

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