Exercise is essential to improve physical health and mental wellbeing. In addition to local parks and gyms, there are a few local resources available to promote uptake of exercise.

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Park Run


Park run organise free, weekly, 5km events that are timed. They are open to everyone, take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and are easy to take part in, with people of every ability taking part; We are a park run practice; our local parkrun is at canons park. Click the button below to find out more:

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Exercise on Prescription


There are a few discounted memberships that are available to patients in Barnet and Harrow, to help get started with physical activity to improve health and wellbeing.


There are eligibility criteria which broadly include being overweight (BMI >25) and  having conditions such as Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, arthritis, or osteoporosis, and are overweight with BMI>25.


Exercise on prescription requires a GP practice referral, and can be accessed at a few centres locally:

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If you are interested in being referred for exercise on prescription, please book in with our nursing team, who can check you meet eligibility criteria and refer you as appropriate